Need Press?

WE CAN GET YOU ON GOOGLE NEWS! Press is the best way to increase your authority on Google. We can get you featured on different sites like FORBES, ENTREPRENEUR, THRIVE GLOBAL, YAHOO NEWS and manny more.. Press will also increase your chances of verification on every social media platform.

Is Press even necessary?

Social media has quickly become an indispensable tool for both large and small companies. While many have figured out what it takes to drive a successful branding platform and social media campaign, an important component are press releases.

Securing positive media coverage is an excellent means to establish credibility. An article or review in which

you are positioned as a critical thought leader on a relevant topic or issue can ultimately turn your potential

customers and stakeholders into advocates for your cause.


How Much Does Press Cost: Press can vary from $300 to $5K depending on your needs and requirements. 

What News Agency Can I Have My Press Featured In: After contacting us you'll receive a list of Press Agencies Available.

How Long Do Articles Stay Up: Articles are lifetime as long as news agencies are active.

Do I Have To Be Verified For Press: Anyone can get press without any requirements

Will Press Get Me Verified: Press does help with you getting verified but doesn't guarantee directly with the platform.